General baggage rules

The EU has stipulated rules for what may be carried on board a flight. Please note that these rules are not necessarily the same as those of countries outside the EU.

The rules can also vary within the EU as some countries have drawn up special rules that are more stringent than the common European regulations. It is therefore always a good idea to inquire about specific baggage rules for the air carrier and the airport(s) you will depart from and travel to.

To ensure that the rules are upheld, all flight passengers and their baggage will be checked at a security checkpoint before being allowed to enter the airport’s enclosed areas (the transit hall).

In Denmark, the national police and the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority are responsible for enforcing baggage rules. For the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority, this means the authority inspects and approves security checkpoints to ensure their compliance with the rules.

Last updated 03-08-2021